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congestionTraffic congestion. Lost time. Crumbling roads. Increasing emissions causing climate change and smog. Few transportation choices. And no new revenue sources to fix these problems.

Most Ontarians would agree that there is an urgent need to bring predictability and ease of mobility to the province’s transportation network. But how do we achieve this? Can changing the way we pay for roads, parking, insurance and emergency costs help improve mobility, accessibility, air quality, fuel conservation and the state of the province’s transportation infrastructure? How would changing the way we pay for transportation positively or negatively affect Ontario's citizens and businesses?

To answer these multi-faceted questions and fill a critical void in the development of sustainable transportation policy in Ontario, Healthy Transport Consulting spearheaded Transport Futures in November 2008.  An ongoing series of learning events, Transport Futures explores the complex interactions associated with transportation demand management, infrastructure funding, technology and public acceptance. With the help of our valued partners, advisors and 187 international and national experts, we've staged 24 non-partisan conferences -- as well as seminars, debates and community roundtables -- where road pricing, parking fees, gas taxes, transit fares, P3s, intercity travel and the future of the car are rationally discussed by government, business, labour organizations, NGOs, professional associations, academia and citizens-at-large. You are invited to join the discussion!

Transport Futures - Provincial Transportation Debate

 Martin Collier, Transport Futures; Steven Del Duca, Liberal Party of Ontario; Tim Grant, Green Party of Ontario; Jessica Bell, Ontario New Democratic Party; Rod Phillips, Ontario Progressive Conservative Party; Steve Paikin, TVO

Photo by Don Wall, Daily Commercial News

(Provincial Transportation Debate, May 14, 2018)